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"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." ~ Berthold Auerbach (1812 - 1882)

"Art washes the dust away the soul from every day life." ~ Pablo Picasso (1881 - 1973)


Super Media Group

Super Media Group aspires to be one of the world's leading media and information technology corporations, producing the highest quality professional publications and multimedia production, and providing the most advanced IT application systems and related products and services.

Company Structure

The Group has the following professional divisions : Editorial & Multimedia Production, IT & New Technologies, Distribution & Logistics, Content Syndication and Marketing Division. Each has its own professionals with innovative ideas and energetic motivation to provide the best service and achieve the best performance.
Corporate Strategy
Super Media Group's core strategy : to maximize the value of our products and services to our customers and clients, to continue a sustainable internationalization development, to maximize profitable organic growth with our corporate clients and partners, and to strengthen and maximize the benefits of the integration of new technologies, multimedia and related commercial business.

Service Commitment  

Super Media Group commits to provide superb quality products and services.

Products & Services



( ISSN 1726-5622; UPC-A 7-25274-72118-4; TW Mag. No. 398 ) 
The World's leading premium motoring magazine/App for Passionates who aspire for Perfect Lifestyle and Excellent Performance.
SUPER MOTORS previews and reviews the World's Strongest, Fastest, Smartest, Newest and Future models of Super Sportscar (SSC), Super Sports-Sedan (SSS), Gran Turismo (GT), Super Sedan (SS), Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV), Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV), Super Bike (SB), Super Classic (SC), Super Green Vehicle (GV) e.g. Electric, Hydrogen, Ethanol, Solar, as well as Super Tuned (ST) - any vehicle after sportization (tuniing/customization.


SUPER MOTORS is selected by as one of the Top 10 Most Luxurious Magazines for the Rich" and selected by as one of the Top 10 Luxury Magazines in the United States.

Reader Subscribers : over 50 countries  


(ISBN 978-988-99567-2-1)
A series of Travelers/Residence Guide Book with comprehensive information of global "Best Travel Destinations", "Best Residences" and "Emigration Guide". The Series include Europe (28 EU Countries), USA (100 Largest Cities), Canada, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.


As the authorized agent of (operated by Axel Springer AG, the largest publishing house and the leading integrated multimedia company in Europe), we offer automotive contents and photo syndication service for magazines and print publications in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Automotive contents cover all international brands, for example,Test drive reports, Comparison reports and special feature articles of Sports cars, Mini cars, Sedans, Green cars, Classic cars, SUV off-road vehicles, Concept cars, Tuning cars and so on are available.


As the international advertising agency of "BUSINESS" Magazine - the "Best Selling" & "the Most-Widely Circulated" monthly business magazine in Asia, we offer professional advice to our clients.

Circulation : over 1 million copies per month.


Super Media Technology strives to develop the most advanced application systems and platforms in various fields with a vision to facilitate trade / services for our clients and meet the needs of customers worldwide.

Our New Technologies team ( N.T. team ) is specialized in collaborating with our I.T. team in production of the best applications systems and providing solutions to our clients. 



We offer distribution service of print publications to prominent premises and locations.
Hong Kong
Airlines' VIP Lounges in the Hong Kong International Airport (operating 24-hour all year, passenger throughput in 2010 reached 50.9 millions) let millions premium Business and First Class business and leisure travellers enjoy their stay before flight. These travellers usually belong to prestigious banks' platinum card holders, airlines, travellers and social clubs' premium members such as the Marco Polo Club, Star Alliance, Fortune Wings Club, Red Carpet Club member, CO President's Club member, US Airways Club member, AC Maple Leaf Club and Oneworld Emerald & Sapphire members.
(Our service : over 40 airlines' VIP lounges in the airport)
Luxury Hotels in Hong Kong house millions premium class business and leisure travellers. As the International Finance Centre in Asia, Hong Kong has lots of worldwide renowned hotels,to name a few: Four Seasons Hotel in Central, Grand Hyatt in Wanchai and The Peninsula in Tsim Sha Tsui.
(Our service : Top 100 hotels in Hong Kong)
Private Clubs members in Hong Kong represent almost the top 5% of the richest in Hong Kong.
Long established and esteemed private clubs such as the Hong Kong Country Club and the Hong Kong Golf Club in Deep Water Bay, the Hong Kong Club in Central, the American Club in Central and Tai Tam, Kowloon Cricket Club and Hong Kong Jockey Club in Happy Valley, are well known for being the exclusive social and leisure places for the celebrities and prominent figures in the city. Our distibution services extend to cover Hong Kong's large-scale luxury residential clubhouses as well.
(Our service : Top 60 private clubs / over 500 luxury residential clubhouses in Hong Kong)
Other : Major Convenience Stores (7-ELEVEN, Circle K and Vango) (1800 points+), Newstands, premium Bookstores, renowned Clinics and Salons, Professional Organisations/Institutes in Hong Kong.
7-ELEVEN Covenience stores (4200 points+) and major chain Bookstores (1000 points+) inlcuding Taiwan's major bookstores including Eslite and Kingstone.
Private Club : 1
We are capable of delivering publications to over 120 premier premises and locations worldwide :
Private Clubs Worldwide
Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Newcastle, Brisbane, Gold Coast) : 31
Europe (London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Luxemburg, Barcelona, Roma, Oslo) : 22
Japan (Tokyo, Kobe) : 2
Singapore : 9
United States / Canada (New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Miami, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Atlanta, Berkeley, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver) : 66
Network Development
We are expanding our distribution services network to prominent premises in the major cities of the world including Airlines' VIP lounges in airports, luxury Hotels, private Hospitals/Clinics, Banks VIP service lounges, Private Clubs,Golf & Country Clubs as well as Yachts Clubs in Asia Pacific, Europe and the North America.